Over 7000 rare diseases and disorders have been identified, 80% of which are genetic in origin. Only 5% of rare diseases have an approved treatment. At W.I.R.C., advances in science and technology, such as the development of tools and the discovery of knowledge that will advance the development of targeted potential treatment options will be the main focus of the researchers. Additionally, rare disease patients will have the opportunity to obtain comprehensive, outpatient care directly at the center. W.I.R.C. is to be a rare disease center of excellence equipped with the top healthcare professionals and scientists in order to provide the rare disease community with accurate diagnosis and rare disease recognition, research development, and most importantly the establishment of a future filled with hope, positive beliefs, cures, collaboration amongst all stakeholders and effective treatment options.


Mission & Vision

WIRC by EDSers United's mission is to advance research, improve diagnostic tools, establish efficacious and cost-effective treatment and management protocols for underserved rare genetic conditions, and provide high quality, comprehensive health and wellness services to the “whole” medically complex patient in order to achieve a maximum level of wellness.

The clinical vision is to assist with complex rare genetic conditions, diseases, and illnesses and optimize outcomes by providing quality-driven, efficient and responsive health care services that meet the needs and expectations of the rare disease community we serve. High standards of performance are expected of the entire team and of all affiliates working towards achieving this mission.

The research vision is to develop and deploy cutting-edge science to understand rare genetic conditions, establish efficacy of promising treatment options, and to engage diverse stakeholders in conversation about solutions to advancing the understanding of rare genetic diseases. 


Wellness Institute for Rare Conditions